IMUNUMI's Aid and Assist

The variability of the use of IMUNUMI's Products is unlimited, which mainly affects the Harmonization processes as:

  • Maintenance of General Neuro-psycho-somatic System 
  • Maintenance of Immune System
  • Maintenance of Cardiovascular System 
  • Maintenance of Digestive System 
  • Maintenance of Endocrine System 
  • Maintenance of Nervous System
  • Maintenance of Renal System 
  • Maintenance of Reproductive System 
  • Maintenance of Respiratory System
  • Maintenance of Skeletal and Muscular System 
  • Establishment of natural Detoxification
  • Extra

  • Non-specific health difficulties Assistance 
  • Agricultural and Veterinary Assistance
  • Environmental Cleansing and Harmonization Assistance
  • All IMUNUMI's Products are also one of the safest choices for self-treatment

  • No known neuro-psycho-somatic side effects 
  • No unwanted interactions with conventional medications or herbal remedies
  • No contraindications with pre-existing conditions 
  • No masking of symptoms



✠ The Unity of Life ✠

In ancient times, 
only the wisest were trusted with medical knowledge, 
for it bears power over life and death. 
The remedies and methods of those seers have been preserved, 
and retain their power.


The IMUNUMI is a Brand of Natural Remedies that help the body to activate its self-healing powers. We’ve spent decades Redefining how to create advanced, efficacious formulations, each founded on Traditional Standards and the latest scientific findings. When we look at the body as an instrument, different instruments are created and calibrated for different types of activities. The IMUNUMI is such an instrument.

The IMUNUMI can also be described as a Harmonizing Component between systems (neuro-psycho-somatic) that have been temporarily separated, which in modern medicine is called a disease or injury. The Harmonization Component is manifested here at the microstructural level, which is clearly manifested in the macro-elementary space of concrete disease or injury.

The Science of Life places great emphasis on prevention and encourages the maintenance of health through close attention to balance in one’s life, right thinking, diet, lifestyle and the use of Natural Remedies. IMUNUMI is part of It.


“When the Perfect Comes, the partial is passing away.”
✠ 1 Corinthians 13:10 ✠


IMUNUMI's Mission

The One and Only Mission in all manifestations of IMUNUMI's Products is the Possibility of Harmonization for all Beings.


“May anyone who needs help be allowed to return to a Natural State of Life.”
✠ Joshua Varasun ✠


IMUNUMI's Strategy

The Art of Life teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the potential enemy's not coming, but on our own Knowing about him. If You Know the potential enemy and You Know Your Possibilities, Your Victory is guaranteed. Therefore, the IMUNUMI's Strategy consists of Three Active Pillars:

  • Prevention - Probability prevention principle;
  • Let Likes Cure Likes - The principle of tuning the physiological system to the harmonization level;
  • The Minimum Dose and Single Remedy - The principle of achieving the desired effect with minimal dose and One Uniqueness;

“Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues with injustice.”
✠ Proverbs 16:8 ✠

IMUNUMI's Preparation

Welcome to a world where Ancient Wisdom is infused with modern aesthetic. The active ingredients in IMUNUMI's Products are dilutions of Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom and Universal Kingdom that act directly on the cause-receptors at full strength. The composition and preparation of all IMUNUMI's Products are always according to Traditional Recipes, without any chemical additives. This guarantees the Purity and Uniqueness of all our products. 

“Prepare your work outside; 
get everything ready for yourself in the field, 
and after that build your house.”

✠ Proverbs 24:27 ✠


IMUNUMI's Dosage and Administration

The IMUNUMI shows individual differences in clinical response. Therefore, the dosage for each client should be individualized according to the client's response treatment.


“For just as we have many members in one body 
and all the members do not have the same function.”

✠ Romans 12:4 ✠


IMUNUMI's Quality You Can Trust

If you care this much about what goes in your body then we believe it should be the best quality. We go the extra mile with you to ensure IMUNUMI is the right choice for you.

✠ We Use It, We Share It, We Love It ✠


Stay Healthy, Stay Alive with IMUNUMI

Once Gautama Buddha’s aunt came to him with her dead baby and asked him to revive the child. Buddha told her he would do so but that she needed to get him a vital ingredient for the resurrection: mustard seed from a house which had never seen a death. The woman ran door-to-door the whole day but didn’t find such a house. At dusk, she fell at the Buddha’s feet and said she understands.

“Medical treatment is not to be given to those who have fallen ill, 
but to those who are not ill.”



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