IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray

Active multi-component spay remedies, meeting all standards of health

Restoration, Regeneration, Maintenance

IMUNUMI Sanctus remedy group

Homeopathic compositum



Active three-component remedy, consisting of

Sancta Aqua Chalice Well Water Ricinus Communis

Indications and Usage

  • IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray (Aerodispersion) help the body to activate its self-healing powers, acting in a unique way directly on the immune system as a whole. 
  • IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray is very effective also in promoting the harmonization of various respiratory and nervous weaknesses / diseases due to its direct application to the neuro-mucous membranes of the respiratory system.
  • IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray is indicated to directly promote increased productivity of the body's protective mechanisms. 


Storage Conditions of IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray

  • Avoid freezing and excessive heat 
  • Store at room temperature
  • Protect against electromagnetic and other radiation 
  • Protect from light


✠ The Unity of Life ✠

In ancient times, 
only the wisest were trusted with medical knowledge, 
for it bears power over life and death. 
The remedies and methods of those seers have been preserved, 
and retain their power.


Preparation of IMUNUMI Sanctus

All IMUNUMI Products are prepared by EU certified Homeopathic Pharmacy ´Lekáreň Homeo´ in the Slovak republic.
For more information about this Exclusive Cooperation between Homeopathic Pharmacy ´Lekáreň Homeo´ & Contractor Business Center, visit following web site Homeopathic Pharmacy


Dosage and Administration of IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray

Like all IMUNUMI's Products, also the IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray have a variety of uses, always according to the current needs of the client. It can be used for the human body, animal and plant kingdom, but also as a form of environmental cleansing.

IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray dosage examples for the human body

Peroral dosage for adults:

  • 1 spray in each nostril 1x /(or) 2x /(or) 3x a day
  • no more than one spray in each nostril is required
Veterinary usage of IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray

Peroral dosage for animals:

  • For veterinary use of the ´IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray´, it is sufficient to make only one spray 1x /(or) 2x /(or) 3x a day approximately 30 cm from the animal you intend to treat. 
  • Other methods of application than described herein can only be decided by the Veterinarian himself. 


  • Spray towards the air, not directly at the olfactory system of the animal itself!


Agricultural usage of IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray
  • The use of ´IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray´ in nature is again a very specific matter.
  • The amount of sprays always depends on the size of the plant.
Environmental usage of IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray

Usage for cleaning interior and outdoor areas:

  • On request, we will prepare a complete professional recalculation of values for your desired method of cleaning outdoor areas.

Generally, Attention about Usage of IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray

Please, everytime consult your doctor or a certified homeopathic and other healthcare practitioner for advice regarding the best dosage for your current need. Especially consultation in the treatment of pregnant women and children is required. 


Warnings and Precautions for IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray

IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray are generally well-tolerated, however, if some unwanted symptoms occur discontinue use. We especially recommend it while taking the IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray:

  • peaceful moderation of lifestyle
  • elimination of excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks
  • exclusion of carbonated drinks
  • elimination of too hot and too hot drinks and snacks (12 ° variations up or down of standard 36 ° body temperature)
  • absolute exclusion of drugs and addictive substances


Interactions: None known
Drug/Laboratory Test Interaction: None known


Overdosage of IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray

Due to the low concentration of active ingredients in natural preparations such, adverse reactions following over dosage are extremely unlikely. However, care must be taken not to exceed the recommended dosage.


Availability of IMUNUMI Sanctus Spray

In order to prevent the commercialization of our products, we work mainly with Doctors and Healthcare professionals, who ensure absolute comfort for all clients and those interested in the products we provide.

Keep in mind that only a Doctor and a Healthcare professional can provide you with absolute comfort in Harmonizing your Health.


Stay Motivated, Stay Alive

Dear brothers and sisters, you are indeed Wise. You know the difference between right and wrong. Know, that to keep the body in Natural Health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our Mind Strong and Clear. Or do you not know that Your Body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit within You, whom you have from our Almighty Loving Holy Family? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So, Glorify the Almighty Loving Holy Family in Your Body. Have in Mind, a Joyful Heart is the best Multidimensional Medicine. The Great Work, the great thing about Traditional Medicine, where Joy is preferred to sorrow, is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects. Therefore, foolish the doctor who despises the Knowledge acquired by the Ancient Holy Families.


“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”
✠ 3 John 1:2 ✠


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