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Exotic Wood
(for example: Wenge dried and American walnut)

Subfossil Wood
(We usually range from 2500 to 3500 years of this wood, incl. Certification)

and more;

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Timbertraders & Importer

(building materials)

Prefabrication-housing companies


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Joinery Machine-Users (Hundegger, Weinmann, Schmidler)nd more;

ABIES Certifications

  • Member of the European association of KVH producers 
  • External supervising (Ü-Zeichen)
  • Timber from sustainable forest industry (as FSC) 






Lumber Commodity Business

About Lumber Commodity

Lumbers also known as timber. Lumber is a construction staple. When it comes to building infrastructure on a grand scale or even an individual house, wood is a commodity that is required. Like many other raw materials, the price of lumber is a function of supply and demand. At the same time, macroeconomic factors can influence the price of wood.

Lumber is wood that has been processed into beams or planks of varying lengths. It is a key commodity for many industries, including homebuilding, furniture manufacturing, wood flooring, and kitchen cabinetry.

Loggers use two categories of trees to produce lumber – hardwoods and softwoods. The majority of lumber comes from softwood trees.  Both hardwood and softwood lumber receive grades based on the quantity and types of defects in the wood. Defects include knots, holes, splits, and missing pieces on the corners or edges.

Lumber plays a huge role in construction; therefore, the construction industry and lumber prices strongly correlate.


CBC Lumber Commodity Business

´Contractor Business Center´ serves our customers and suppliers with a level of knowledge and responsiveness that is unmatched in our industry.

Over time we have consistently enhanced our product and service offerings while remaining committed to maintaining the highest standard of trust with our customers and suppliers. Today our company serves over 10,000 customer locations around the Globe with more than 50 categories of unique specialty not only building products.

We are proud to have the best team in our industry. We have experienced a tremendous amount of growth as a company. This growth has served not only our customer base, but has also provided significant opportunities for advancement amongst our contractors.


The Exclusive Cooperation

Our supply partners represent the industry's best manufacturers of both forest products and wood alternative products. We inventory the broadest and deepest selection of specialty building materials in our industry. CBC has aggregated together many products and items from complex supply chains. These are products that are difficult for our customers to buy directly from the manufacturers in the quantities that they need in the lead times that their customers require.


What’s more in CBC Lumber Commodity Business

Lumber, today, accounts for about 1 percent of the total global GDP — adding more than $600 billion to the world’s economy. The global demand for lumber is expected to quadruple by the next 30 years, making it an important commodity in the global market.

With ´Contractor Business Center´, homebuilders and other lumber users can easily get the woods they need for their various works. Our wood prices are regularly adjusted to the current market so that our clients are always provided with full comfort. This will ensure that you are always a few steps ahead of other users of the current market.



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