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Ján Pretzelmayer – INTER-MAL, IM
Družstevná 8/3
900 01 Modra
Slovak republic
IČO: 32821468
DIČ: 1023049929
Trade register number: 107-2774

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Ján & René Pretzelmayer | Founders & Owners of Winery

Dipl. Mas. Patrik Schlesinger, DVNLP | Owner & CEO Contractor Business Center




Vinárstvo Ján & René PRETZELMAYER

The Exclusive Cooperation

Contractor Business Center exclusively cooperate with ´Vinárstvo Ján & René PRETZELMAYER´ based in the Slovak republic, to provide you with absolute professionality in the Wine Commodity Business, consulting and harmonizing your health and well-being.



The Ján & René PRETZELMAYER Winery was founded in 1989 as a typically family company focused on grape processing and wine production.

Wine and Life always taste better when you enjoy them in a beautiful environment. Modra is a charismatic town at the foot of the Slovak Little Carpathians, where you can feel the vinicultural tradition at every turn. The processed grapes come straight from the Littlecarpattian region, while the area of our own vineyards is 19Ha.

The philosophy of the Pretzelmayer Family is, in addition to acquiring new customers, in particular to maintain the quality of our products and constantly increase the level of accompanying services with regard to the individual approach to each customer.

The company´s enotec is located in the attractive environment of the "Červený Kameň / Red Stone Castle", which with its atmosphere provides unforgettable experiences during wine tasting from our Family production. Each bottle of wine that we offer has our commitment to bring out the flavors realized from the unique terroir of each vineyard.  Experience has shown us that each wine is a specific, individual expression of both the fruit and the craft of the winemaker.

Let’s enjoy our unique natural wine products in the comfort of your home.

“Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your Wine with a merry heart, for God has already approved what you do.”
✠ Ecclesiastes 9:7 ✠


What’s more in CBC & Vinárstvo Ján & René PRETZELMAYER

When choosing wine, the first thing to decide is which type of wine you want — red, white, or rosé. While you probably know some basics, such as the kind of grape used to make the wine and where it's from, you might rarely consider the fascinating intricacies of winemaking. But behind every bottle is a story.

Viniculture is the journey from grapes to glass, and it’s far from short and simple — it’s a lengthy process that encompasses both art and science. Wine has also become a serious Investment Commodity, increasingly so in the past decade. More than ever wine has the capacity to appreciate in value, to the point where the current value of certain wines can far exceed their original purchase prices. Moreover, according to a joint paper by professors from Cambridge, Vanderbilt and HEC in Paris, wine as an investment outperforms such investments as government bonds, art and stamps.

Our Winery Business model is based on unity of harmonization and strategic partnerships both for establishing the general comfort of our partners and clients.

Over the years our activities have enabled us to develop remarkable insights into the worldwide Wine Business sector that are becoming increasingly interrelated. Equally, our strong physical presence throughout the value chain helps provide knowledge and identify the path for your continued interpersonal growth.

Partnerships with participants in the World Wine Commodity Field, both global and local have played a key role in our business to date and will undoubtedly continue to do so as we still move forward.

While you might rarely think about the steps that went into creating that bottle of wine in your hand, learning about viniculture can give you a newfound and deeper appreciation for your next sip. Therefore, next time you grab a bottle of red, white, or rosé, feel free to revel in the moment. You're tasting years of expertise, patience, and passion.

“Give strong drink to the one who is perishing, and Wine to those in bitter distress.”
✠ Proverbs 31:6 ✠


Let's experience the beauty of the winemaking process

The Gospel book of John in the New Testament tells us of the first miracle that Jesus performed at a wedding in Cana of Galilee. Mary, Jesus's Mother, was attending a wedding that had run out of wine. She came to Jesus and asked him to do something to help and he tells the servants to fill six jars with water and take it to the director of the feast. The director of the wedding tastes what is given to him and realizes that it is astonished when he realizes the fine quality of the wine.

Alchemically speaking, through the Bread and Wine we connect ourselves to the Three Aspects of the Absolute (Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur or Solar Absolute). We have to receive the Christ Energy from the Ain Soph Aur through the Ray of Creation in order to charge the Bread and Wine in the World of Malkuth. In other words, what does the Human Soul have to do together with the Nous atom and the Divine Mother in order to do Wine? Eloah Va Daath.

“The Wine represents the Blood, which comes from the grape, and the Bread is the Body of the Lord that comes from the wheat.”


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