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We seek to ensure that the right stone is applied that additionally ensures all the benefits and versatility of a custom-made solution.

Resultantly, we offer competent and expert consultation during the selection process.

We agree but beg to differ when it comes to our special offerings. Utilizing our beautifully polished and refined stones, we transform every ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary gem.

TablesWe have an array of robust granite, fine marble or other beautiful products. The ultimate choice is yours.Fireplaces
We provide an expert preview of details so that you can enjoy your fireplace for an eternity.
Bars and receptionsThe first impression is always important, so thanks to our design team, we will prepare a design that will fully capture you and your company.Exterior AreasOutdoor spaces are a challenge in itself. But we are happy to take these challenges and bring you special solutions.Other possibilitiesThe main part of the production are atypical products. Original customer ideas are realized, which can only be made thanks to top-technology and an experienced team of employees. Our target group is demanding clients.


Our most used materials


Technical Stone
Okite, Silestone, Technistone
Natural Stone
Granite, Limestone, Marble, Onyx, Travertine
Dekton, Lepitec, Laminam 

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Stone Trading Business
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About the Worldwide Stone Trading Business Generally

Over the past decade, the international stone industry has seen some dramatic changes. In the American marketplace, stone has moved into the mainstream, and it is being used at almost every level of the building trade. The trade has grown tremendously, and as a result, virtually every sector of the industry (from importers to fabricators and installers) has changed the way it does business.

In the commercial sector, stone is still a staple for designs where the goal is to impart a feeling of quality, and it is being used extensively for interior and exterior applications. But the biggest changes are being seen in the residential sector. Stone is no longer limited to wealthy homeowners. It has found its way into middle class homes, and it is found in retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes and others. 


What are the most traded stones?

The commerce classification regroups the stones in two categories:

  • The calcareous stones. They are soft stones, easy to carve and saw with predominant beige color shades.
  • The siliceous stones. They are hard and dense stones with long-lasting appearance even if polished
  • The slates are treated separately.

The calcareous stones encompass limestone, marble and travertine while the siliceous stones group is made of granite, basalt, sandstone and quartzite.

Let’s review an example of each stone:

  • Limestone is a sedimentary rock. A well-known limestone is Galala limestone extracted in Egypt. Limestone can be found anywhere in the world.
  • Marble is a metamorphic rock, a recrystallized limestone. The most well-known marble in the world is probably the Carrara marble, a white small crystal marble extracted in Carrara, Tuscany.
  • Travertine is a sort of limestone formed by hot mineral spring. Travertine can be found in volcanic areas. Initially extracted in Tibor near Roma, the most well-known travertine comes from Turkey where it is possible to see forming travertine in the white fields of Pamukkale. Travertine is quarried in some other countries like Peru, Mexico and China.
  • Granite is a colored igneous rock, mainly made of quartz and feldspar. It has been formed by the slow cooling of magma. The most well-known granite is probably the Padang Crystal from China. Similar granite can be found in the US, in Turkey, France, Brazil, etc.
  • Basalt is a dark volcanic rock formed by the melting of the rocks. Basalt can be found in every tectonic place. The main quarrying regions are the island of Hainan in China and the South East of Hanoi.
  • Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made as a “cemented sand”. Most sandstones are mainly composed of quartz and feldspar. Sandstone is very common too on Earth. India quarries offer an amazing variety of sandstones. South Africa is rich of some nice material too. The most popular sandstone in the world is Ayers Rock in Australia but from a trade standpoint, the best known is the Modak sandstone in India.
  • Quartzite is a metamorphic sandstone, a crystalized sandstone owing to heat and pressure. The most used quartzite is the Brazilian one, from Sao Tome area.

To summarize, Stone Industry is perhaps more diverse and more international than ever. It is also larger than ever, and the collaboration among industry members must continue to maintain this growth and successfulness.


CBC Worldwide Stone Trading Business

Every stone is as unique as whoever chooses it. ´Contractor Business Center´ serves our customers and suppliers with a level of knowledge and responsiveness that is unmatched in Stone Industry.

In 2020, we expanded our portfolio to include Worldwide Stone Trading Business.

We have experienced a tremendous amount of growth as a company, as in the first year of our operation we have secured more than 300 containers of natural stone for our clients and partners. This growth has served not only our customer base, but has also provided significant opportunities for advancement amongst our contractors.

Our supply partners represent the industry's best manufacturers; therefore, we can be very flexible in pricing policy and meeting your current needs in this business.

We are proud to have a strong and professional team also in the Stone Industry.


What’s more in the CBC´s Stone Trading Business

Our many years of all-round business know-how and attention to detail encompasses expert import and trade activities that have made us a very unique and specific Professional Contractor Team.

We are proud of what we have achieved, and therefore we can provide you with full competence on a daily basis.


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