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Consulting Service
(Comprehensive legal advice)

Home and Business Security
(Personal Security, Residential Security, Event & Entertainment Security, Corporate Office Security)

Civil Aviation Safety Training Center

Production, Destruction and Disposal of ExplosivesDevaluing of weapons for Museum Purposes

Sale of Special Technique
(protective equipment, explosives, initiators, blasting equipment, special and fireworks)

Research and Production
(pyrotechnic products, demanding applications and equipment for military and police pyrotechnics, rescuers, firefighters and security specialists)

Developing of effect-artistic projects
(sound and light effects, scanners, lasers, pyrotechnics, flames, confetti, etc.)

Other legal activities related to Law & Security

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Production hall



Law & Security
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Law & Security in General

Legal cases deal with life and death situations, both literally and figuratively. This is about more than just physical security; it means protecting your workplace against every possible threat.

To protect peoples’ safety and the safety of your property, getting security for your law firm is a great idea. Start by hiring a security professional or several security professionals.

Make sure to clearly define the duties of your security professionals.

Do you want them to just patrol your property or will they be responsible for carrying a weapon? Would you like to hire someone with a police or military background?

Think about the kinds of threats you are up against and this will answer your question.

Aside from hiring a security officer, you should at least get a professional security system. Make everyone check-in and out with code, scan, or photo recognition. Have an alarm up and running so that you can quickly get help if you have an intruder. 


Get Law & Security You Can Trust

Law & Security is something that you need to at least consider if you run a law firm. Security means a lot of different things. Protect your law firm against all kinds of security threats by following this information and hiring some professionals.

These rules apply for all areas of law that you practice.


CBC´s Law & Security

When your safety and assets are on the line, the trained professionals at Law & Security stand prepared to protect your interests.

In 2007, we have integrated this area into our services, as the information values have become more than just a study opportunity - Law & Security has become a Commodity itself. Since then the structure of Law & Security has worked to fulfill our mission of creating a safe and distraction-free environment for our clients and partners. Properly licensed and insured, we provide a complete range of professional Law & Security services around the world. Our internal process of “know and act” helps us fully address our clients’ individual needs and concerns and partners.


What's more in CBC´s Law & Security for you?

At Contractor Business Center, we see our services as an opportunity to create partnerships with our clients and partners. Developing relationships of this kind can help us better understand and address immediate and ongoing Law & Security needs. Your safety is our priority, and we’re interested in building lasting partnerships that ensure your peace of mind, no matter the situation or environment.

Motivation is something that every person craves for. Be it in professional or personal life; we cannot survive without motivation. And, we are talking about that craving to wake up the next day morning and do the best you can. However, while running behind motivation, most people forget to prioritize something so crucial in their life: PREVENTION.



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