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Science & Technology
✠ Freedom from Bondage ✠

Mutual affection only leads to co-operation and peace this propagates happiness and prosperity in the society.


Science & Technology in General

Multidimensionality and Hyperspace can be demonstrated mathematically with hypergeometry. Science & Technology belongs to hyperspace and to hypergeometry.

If we know what volume is, then we must accept hypervolume as the base of volume. If we accept the geometric sphere, then we must also accept the hypersphere. Hyperspace permits concrete individuals to perform extraordinary acts.


“Every initiate who receives the Elixir of Long Life dies, but does not die.”


The appearance and disappearance of a body or any other object in three-dimensional objective space, or the passing of objects through a wall, is performed with successfulness when hyperspace is scientifically utilized. Concrete scientists can place objects in specific State and move consciously in hyperspace.

Primitive geometry is based on the absurd hypothesis that on a plane, from one point to another, we can trace a straight parallel line, but only one line (speaking in elementary terms). The serious scientists rejected the Euclidean point of view, which only studies the three known dimensions. Such a point of view is totally primitive for this atomic era.

This Science & Technology is not for skeptical ignorants. 


“We have been teaching and helping you for the past ten years and now you want to exhibit your powers. Why? Powers are very sacred. Powers must not be exhibited to the public.”


Science & Technology of ignorants can never grant us the capability of knowing Nature in an integral and unitotal manner. On the other hand, fortunately, we have the opportunity to discover Scientific and Technological Forms that are a huge benefit to our temporary multidimensional timespace journey through the ocean of life.


About CBC´s Science & Technology

Big part of Contractor Business Center (CBC) provides scientific, engineering, and technical support services to government and industry customers. We specialize in the finest levels of scientific and technical forms, which we firmly protect against their unprofessional abuse. For this reason, we can provide you with full and especially unique comfort for your personal ideas and projects.

Our professional team supports specific operation missions, research, and engineering services such as natural prevention (making available the personal and natural potential that is inherent in each individual ) against biological weapons, all round engineering (always only for current needs), information systems engineering (specialized technologies ), and test, evaluation and range support (before the product is ready for delivery, it goes through a whole range of access procedures ).

We love finding inventive ways to meet the social and technical needs of our clients and partners. Whether spontaneous or planned, we enjoy creating a comfortable atmosphere where our clients and partners can thrive.


What's more in CBC´s Science & Technology for you?

Our variability of options is available to you 24/7. We are a strategic factor in the inactivity of topicality, which is a predisposition to the establishment of full-fledged comfort outside the usual thought-technological patterns of behavior of a standardized social system.

At every scientific and technical level, we provide you with what sets you up in a clear and immediate way to meet the needs for your successfulness.


“In the beginning, before creation, there was neither Aught nor Naught, no air nor sky beyond. There was only a self-supporting mass beneath, and energy above. Who knows, who ever told, from whence this vast creation rose? No gods had yet been born — who then can e’er the Truth disclose?”

✠ Rig Veda ✠


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